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E-Pro Gaskets E-Pro Boiler Gaskets
The cost of some boiler gaskets can be quite high considering company down-time, leakage and corrosion caused by the installation of inferior boiler gaskets. E-Pro boiler gaskets offer the level of service that you expect from high pressure, high temperature handhole and manhole gaskets. E-Pro gaskets are made with highly rated material that ensures that our gaskets will provide leak-proof, continuous operation until your next scheduled shut down. Proprietary elastomer is rated to 380 degrees (F) wet heat and 180 psi. (Ratings are based upon actual field performance. Since installation and boiler maintenance is beyond our control, we cannot guarantee results.)

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Topog-e Boiler Gaskets
Topog-e Series 180 gaskets are quick and easy to install. They conform to the mating surfaces and need no adhesive or additional material. When servicing, they are simple to remove, and peel away easily and cleanly. Using Topog-e Series 180 gaskets can prolong boiler life, avoiding seepage and corrosion, and reduces boiler down-time. They help you look after one of your most important assets - the boiler itself. Topog-e boiler gaskets stop leaks and ends corrosion around boiler handholes and boiler manholes of steam and hot water boilers, air tanks, and water heaters. Engineered to hold up to 385F (195C) wet heat and 185 PSIG (13 BAR), Topog-e boiler gaskets can withstand even the toughest applications.

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